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"Dont think about it, just do it!"

"I have been coming to the gym for years now. Enjoying all the Les Mills classes and weights sessions.

After trying team training I was hooked! I loved the group training sessions with
Afterburn being one of my favourites!

After weight creeping back on I decided something had to change. I started a new
nutrition program with the help of a fellow member and amped up my training.

3 months later I have lost 12.5kg and feeling fantastic! I have so much more energy and loving the gym.

The instructors are fantastic and I love the variety of the classes offered.

Brooke Beaty


"Afterburn is the best"

"I’ve been coming to the gym 3-4 times a week to do Group Fitness Classes for many years and I recently joined Afterburn Training. This is where I noticed my fitness improve and where I gained my strength. After 2 months I put on my size 10 very fitted pants and found that they were too loose to wear. I instead wore leggings which in the past I would never wear except with a long top. Without a doubt Afterburn is the best fitness exercise I have ever done with also the best results. I would like to thank all my fab trainers and also thank Bruce for opening a great Gym in Goolwa

Nanette Davis


"My aim for the future is to keep up my exercise until I'm 90!"

"I have been coming to the gym since it opened in October 2006 on a continuous membership.
My original goal was to try something different and have fun. I also wanted to slow down an inherited scoliosis of the spine which could eventually cripple me to a point where I could have great difficulty walking.
Starting with the “seniors” aerobic class, then the “Fit For Life” program my interest developed into other classes where I have made many friends – the social contact being a big part of enjoying fitness.
The instructors both past and present have all been excellent and a well qualified team , always willing to give helpful and constructive advice.
At present I am doing 5 classes each week and thoroughly enjoy every minute of the time.
Over recent years I have been hospitalised after an accident, undergone chemotherapy, had some corrective surgery and continue with physiotherapy for the osteoarthritis of the spine. Without regular exercise at the gym and the motivation coming from the group fitness classes I would not be moving much at all.
I also ride my bike about 40kms a week.
My aim for the future is to keep up my exercise at the gym until I am 90 (only 7 more years to go!)
“Our” gym also has a great physio and massage treatments, tried them both and they work.


Roma Eylward


"I feel great!"

"At age 16 I noticed I started gaining alot of weight,I was being teased alot about it at school and became very antisocial because of this.
I then had to face my fear and buy a pair of jeans, as I was trying them on pair after pair I noticed I couldnt fit into a size 16, then a size 18 was to small and my worst fear became a reality I was a size 20 at the age of 16!!
I was sick of hating myself and feeling so insecure so I thought to myself what am i doing with my life. I’m doing this to myself, I am in control I just need to change my habits. From then on I cut out all high fatty food that I was consuming daily such as KFC and McDonalds along with sugars such as ice cream, coke and chocolate which was once a daily treat. From there I walked to school everyday, then I joined our gym in our apartment complex and did some form of exercise everyday after school. I slowly started to lose weight from there on and about a year later I joined a gym and began attending spin classes, from that moment I fell in love with fitness. I realised how important it is and how much it can do for you inside and out.
After 2 years of battling to commit with good nutitition I finally lost a total of 42kgs!!
Then about 12 months ago I noticed I wasn't going anyway with my goals, I was flogging myself with cardio but wasn't getting anywhere. Stacey then offered her services to help me get where I wanted to be. Now 9 months later weight training twice a week with Stacey my strength has dramatically increased, my body shape has changed and body fat dropped, lost over 16 cms off my body and most importantly I feel great!!
I now eat MORE, train wise and eat right for my goals and am seeing better results than ever!!Best of all i now fit into a size 6 better than ever before and even feel comfortable wearing shorts and dresses.
Thank you so much Stacey for the confidence you have given me with your constant guidance, support and motivation. Without these key elements I would NOT be where I am today and for that I will always be grateful for.