Pilates is a very popular style of exercise developed by Jospeh PILATES back in the 30's and 40's.

DONT PANIC! Its not all this dramatic! Infact the basic exercises are deceptively simple and more about awareness than exercise.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in the last decade due to its ability to teach people  "movement control" and focuses on the CORE musculature which support the spine, thus making it excellent for those with lumbar pain and/or preventing posture problems.

Pilates takes numerous forms and involves both MATT and EQUIPMENT exercise. 

MATT classes run in a group setting with an instructor leading the class through various floor based exercises and is both physically and mentally challenging.

It is great for those want to work on and improve posture, strengthen their core, maintain flexibility and prevent back pain. We recommend those starting out do our PILATES BASIC CLASS ( Friday 11:00am), which focuses on the fundamentals and good technique, TOTAL  PILATES (Tues 10.30am & Tues 5:30pm)) offers some more advanced options for those looking for more challenge.

PILATES EQUIPMENT include the reformer and Trapeze table, thoracic barrel and wobble board.

Equipment based exercise needs one on one instruction and provides more specific exercises, we have both physiotherapists and personal trainers who are qualified to teach and use this equipment. We would recommend those with an injury history to be assessed by our physiotherapist to establish a pilates program. From there they can attend small group PILATES EQUIPMENT sessions (3-4 clients) which are supervised for ongoing support and progression. These sessions with the physiotherapist may be eligible for private health insurance rebates.

Upon "graduating" from Group sessions, Clients may be able to attend and use pilates equipment outside of the group session times.

Please call us with your specific pilates needs or enquire for more information.