f.i.t is owned and operated by physiotherapist Bruce Konings, Bruce also co-owns and runs

SOUTH COAST SPORTS AND SPINAL clinic which is co-located at the gym on Dowododd Crs 



Ouch, if you are in pain or have recently injured yourself. Please contact our Physio Office directly on 85555961 or click here to go to thier website. I'm sure they can get you back training in no time.


We have a great relationship between physio's and the gyms personal training staff,

Our PUSH system has been influenece by the physiotherapy staff to ensure all our exercise practces are safe and preventative in nature.

If you have any injury concerns or history of injury, please feel comfortable that your in good hands.

Depending on the nature and history of your individual complaint, we will request that you get a physio to asses you first and thus provide the personal trainers some specific guidance to your training program. 

The trainers otherwise can acess the physio staff for general infomation to help in your training and rehab program.

DONT let injury stop your progress!, In most cases a program can be designed around your limitations, individual needs and to enhace your rehabilitation.


There is great research and evidence to support that a well designed exercise program will assist to improve funstion and help with pain relief for those with arthritis and spinal pain. Please let us help you!