Christmas Fun! 


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What a perfect Gift for that someone who has everything!

The gift of good health!! 



This guy walks into the gym a couple of weeks ago while reception was closed so I went up n said hello, he says to me "can I come to the gym anytime?" And I reply "sure you can but have you ever been to a gym before?" He says "no" so I said "best you get some help from us then would like you like to sit down and go through it now?" He says "yes". So we sit down he tells me about his hip operation I tell him about the benefits of having a trainer that knows what they are doing and explain our different packages. He decides that 2x pt a week is a good place to start and books in for his first appointment THAT AFTERNOON! I am sure some of you are thinking so what? No big deal but what you don't realise is that young Karl here has been rocking this world for 91 YEARS already!!!!! WHAT A needless to say I gave him a free induction pack and an extra session every week on me.

What have we been up to?

Last week Trainer Stacey and Linda went along to The ‘Flourishing on the Fleurieu' festival. Is was presented by the Southern Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island Positive Ageing Taskforce, in collaboration with local community groups and organisations. 

The Festival was a free community event that celebrates reaching the milestone of retirement and being free to participate in a diverse range of activities offered within our community. Over 30 local community groups provided interactive exhibits and demonstrations. 

Please check out the photo's below, it was such a fun sucessful day!